Such Small Hands

Inspired by E.E. Cummings’s “somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond”


you said you wanted blood well i’m bleeding out for you

the way the light effortlessly blends into dark

slowly, passionately leaving all that it has behind

as the day begins to fade into night,

as the ink seeps into this page


the feeling of your touch unravels the clutter in my mind

goosebumps follow the trace of your fingertips

i find myself lost in the galaxies of your eyes

melting at the sound of sweet nectar

your voice clouding up my mind


your hands intertwine with mine

the only things that can warm my cold heart

breaking apart my ribs exposing the flowers

that have been dying inside, giving them life—

growing for you


(i’m giving it all to you—

all of my light, my dark, all of me

truly and completely yours alone

i will always love you endlessly)

your voice like rain washes me anew

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