Brownies by Travis

Travis Cooper takes time out of his busy day to bake brownies. This video shows the step-by-step process of how he completed the task. Music was obtained from a royalty-free collection. Advertisements

Graeson Baker’s Exciting Senior Week Trip

In this project, I interviewed Graeson Baker about her memorable senior week trip. She and her friend traveled from West Virginia to New Jersey to a festival, where they had a few interesting and unfortunate moments. However, they ended up less than twenty feet away from one of their favorite bands! Music was obtained from a royalty-free collection.

Christmas at the Barn

For the final assignment in my Journalism 225 class, I conducted a video interview with Joyce McCune and Brenda Street, the creator and new host of Christmas at the Barn.  Christmas at the Barn is held in Masontown, West Virginia and lasts for one weekend of the year. This year, it was held from November…

Interview with Lust Boutique

This week, I had the privilege of interviewing the owner of Lust Boutique, Brittany Dulin, and the Assistant Manager, Elizabeth Sabatino.  In this interview, Brittany and Elizabeth informed me on why they chose to open the store here in Morgantown and how they handle running Lust while still being in their 20’s.  Lust Boutique opened last month and is…