Self-isolating? Here’s a List of Appalachian-produced Work to Take Your Mind Off COVID-19

Written for 100 Days in Appalachia. Read the full piece here.

We don’t have to come up with some catchy intro to describe the amount of stress and anxiety Appalachians are feeling right now. We’re sitting in our homes (and if you’re not an essential worker, you should be too!) watching our televisions or livestreams as politicians and experts relay the latest COVID-19 information. We’re obsessively checking social media in order to connect with the outside world. We’re watching beloved local businesses close up shop for the foreseeable future– a future that has never felt more unclear. 

So far, three of the 13 Appalachian states (New York, Ohio and West Virginia) have issued state-wide ‘stay-at-home’ orders, asking residents to only venture out if it’s absolutely necessary. Pennsylvania declared a similar order for seven of its hardest-hit counties. Whether you are following these orders or have been self-isolating for weeks to keep yourself and others healthy, it’s safe to say that we need uplifting distractions now more than ever. 

We compiled our favorite Appalachian-produced pasttimes to, hopefully, make your day a little brighter and offer a moment of tranquility, to silence the deafening noise this unique time has created. 

Read the full list of suggestions on 100 Days in Appalachia’s website.

Top image: Photo: Christin Hume, Unsplash

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