Cosmo’s #VoteTwice Campaign Is Everything Our Generation Needs

This article was originally published by Her Campus.

Cosmopolitan teamed up with Rebecca Minkoff, the queen of her self-titled fashion empire and role model to women everywhere, to create the #VoteTwice initiative. The strategy strives to encourage their own audiences to be politically active by voting in the primaries.

Photo: Ruben Chamorro for Cosmopolitan

Depending on the state, the primaries begin in March and are held until September including the November midterm election.

Minkoff and Cosmo teamed up to create T-shirts that look similar to classic band tees with the logo on the front and the primary “tour dates” on the back. Except they’re not real tour dates at all–they’re the dates of each state’s primary. The logo on the front of the shirts says “Vote Twice” and features an American flag patterned hand making the peace sign to create the ‘V.’

The shirts are $48, which may seem pricey but all proceeds go to IGNITE, a nonpartisan organization that encourages women to run for office.

Photo: Rebecca Minkoff
Photo: Rebecca Minkoff

Cosmo has also teamed up with Rock the Vote and IGNITE to help people register to vote. Both organizations are nonpartisan groups encouraging young people to join political discussions and vote in every election.

No matter your political affiliation, Cosmo encourages everyone to join national discussions and vote for the things that you believe in, specifically young adults. “We want every young person in the country, no matter their political leanings, to go to their primaries and their midterms and to cast ballots,” Cosmo’s Digital Director Jessica Pels told WWD.

Cosmo’s partnerships are the cherry on top of the numerous movements and walkouts led by the young people and teenagers in our country. History is being made right in front of our eyes so no matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, use your voice and vote for what you believe in. As my mom has always said, “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain.”

“We think that the more young people who are engaged the better, period,” Pels said. We couldn’t agree more.

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