Fine Tuning

For this photo series I worked with Zac Anderson.  Zac is the guitarist of local band, Riviera.  I was able to capture the everyday life of an aspiring rock star.

Whether he is practicing with the band or all by himself, Zac spends a lot of time trying to perfect his talent. “If music doesn’t work out then I plan on working for a record label or just moving somewhere else and trying to do anything music related.” He says, “Music is a big part of my life and it has saved me.”
Zac and his girlfriend Jess take time out of their busy schedules to grab coffee together.
Even though he is not a student at West Virginia University, Zac spends his days serving college students at the Summit Dining Hall, where he manages the “Grab n’ Go” station. He can be found working there on most days from eight to four. This is the best way for him to make ends meet.
Just like many Morgantown locals, Zac does not own his own car. He walks from place to place and often depends on his close friends for rides.
Zac goes to the Rec Center to work out almost everyday after clocking out at work.
Wanting to commemorate the house he grew up in and where things began to fall apart, Zac decided to get a tattoo of his childhood home breaking in on itself. This is a reminder for him of the obstacles he has overcome in his life and to “just keep pushing forward.”


When Zac has free time he plays video games, hangs out with his roommates, or practices with the band.
Riviera performs at Joe Mama’s as part of Morgantown’s first annual Xpress Music Festival. They played their own songs and a few covers of famous songs that everyone in the crowd could dance to. Riviera is a fun-loving band that brings out the youth of every person who watches them play.
“My dream job is to be able to travel the world with my best friends and play on stage every night,” says Zac. “That would be the greatest accomplishment in my entire life because then I can look back on everyone who doubted me or said I couldn’t do it and just be like… Look at me now!”

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